Last fall the Lasertag was so popular, so here we go again! :D
This time there will be two groups, the first at 11 am, and the second at 5 pm. 20 spots in each group!! Let us know wich time slot you want when you sign up.

It will be at Halmstad Aktivitetscenter, at Slottsmöllan here in Halmstad. Search on the GPSs on your phones.

The winners will get a prize!

Payments are done in advance at the Student Union, last day to pay will be Thursday 23rd of March at 5pm. Ticket sales will start on monday 6th of march.

When: Sunday 26th of March
Where: Halmstad Aktivitetscenter
Cost: 80 kr for Student Union members / 100 kr for Non members
Payments: are done in advance at Student Union latest 23rd of March

This is gonna be awesome!!


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