Student city of the year!

Halmstad has been designated the Student city of the year 2019/2020 by the Swedish National Union of Students!

With the motivation:

“Halmstad is a prime example of what a town and a academy can accomplish by close cooperation with students and the Student Union. The close cooperation between the University, the municipitality, the Student Union and the students in many matters and the project Halmstad Heart Students always places the students in the centre as well as including the city of Halmstad in the process. By wanting to do the studies better and including the entire city, Halmstad shows what a student city can do to give the students the best possibly study time.”

We are extremely grateful and proud of our students who with their commitment always want to work towards improvement.

It is thanks to you students that there is a University and a Student Union. ;)


Warmly, the Student Union – by students, for students.


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