In reason of the COVID-19 pandemic, Halmstad Student Union decides to move the Nollning and the welcoming of the new students of autumn 2020. Nollningen involves over 1500 students and from the current restrictions, the event can not be carried through without a fear of an increase of spread. Nollningen will, therefore, be moved to the start of the next semester.

It becomes an untenable situation where the health and wellbeing of the new students and the students involved can be jeopardized’ – – Amanda Persson, Chairperson of Nollningen

According to traditions, the welcoming of new students to Halmstad University is a 10-day event in august called Nollningen. With the existing restriction to decrease the spread of the pandemic in Sweden, the Nollning can not be carried out. Halmstad Student Union as accountable for the event can not ensure that it will not occur at risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Halmstad University, however, will open its facilities and start the teaching again to the autumn. Students new as old will begin to come back to the university and many of them yearn for normal living and sees Nollningen as one event to come back to it. The goal of our Nollning is to create safety for the new students by bringing them knowledge, fellowships, and joy. The student union sees that the need to arrange the welcoming with high quality creates a greater affiliation among the students all over Halmstad University.

With this information, the Halmstad Student Union chooses not to cancel Nollningen 2020 but instead move it to January 2021. To the fall the society will still be affected with restrictions to decrease the spread of COVID-19, this will affect Nollningen, as our goal is to carry it thought very similar to the Nollning which normally occurs in August. Moreover, the planning to still welcome the new students this fall has begun. Events, both digital and physical will be occur based on the prevailing restrictions.

Halmstad Student Union welcomes all new students and invites you to an unforgettable Nollning, unlike anyone that has ever been.

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