Welcome to our first membership meeting of the year!

It’s finally time for our first membership meeting of the year!

The meeting will be held on the 15th of September (15/09-2020) and it starts at 17:15 (5PM). For safety reasons the meeting will be digital!

As a member of the Student Union you are allowed to submit your own requests or suggestions for the business (motions) and you’re allowed to vote during the meating. Members of the Student Union also have the right to ask questions about the board’s proposals (interpellation), these will be sent to the board by the 1th of September (01/09-2020)!
Mail: Studentpolitik@Karen.hh.se

Non-members are also allowed to attend the meating but cannot vote.

The suggestions of the business (proposals) are now posted in the public archive. The complete documents for the membership meeting will be posted HERE at the 8th of September (08/09-2020).

Hope to see you there!
Our warmest regards
// The Student Union board

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