Buddy Programme

More questions?

Contact the Coordinator for international students deniz.kruuse@karen.hh.se.

Do you want to get to know people from different cultures, practice your language skills or meet new friends? Then the Buddy Programme is something for you!

Get a Buddy

The Buddy Programme is a mentorship arranged by the University Friendship Organization (UFO Halmstad Studentkår) and the Coordinator for international students at the Student Union. Register below in order to be assigned a Buddy. Membership in the Student Union is not required and all students, international as well as Swedish, are welcome to apply. Together you can plan activities, practice English, Swedish or other languages or just keep in touch in case you encounter problems in your free time and need some guidance. Welcome to the Buddy Programme!

Membership in the Student Union is not required to join the Buddy program and The Student Union is working continuously to arrange activities for you and your Buddy to attend since the University welcomes up to 500 international students per semester.

The Student Union are trying to get your buddies assigned to you as early in the semester as possible, so that they can help you with any kind of questions that you might have.

Note that the Buddy Programme is dependent on volunteers, which means that we cannot promise that everyone that signs up will be assigned a Buddy. We are because of this working hard to make students motivated to join.

How do i get assigned a Buddy?
Once you have applied to the program you will get an e-mail within a couple of weeks from your Buddy. You will be placed in a group together with 2-5 other students which will be led by your Buddy.

1. Fill in the form with your contact information
2. Within a couple of weeks you will be contacted by your Buddy
3. You will get the chance to ask questions and meet up with your Buddy in case both of you want to

Register below and hopefully you will be assigned a Buddy!

Sign up if you’re interested in joining a Buddy group. Click here!

Become a Buddy

The Student Union is working frequently to make sure that both international and swedish students feel welcome to Halmstad University. If you currently are a student at the University and are curious to know more about other cultures, get to know new people and practice your language skills you can become a Buddy!

As a Buddy to international or Swedish students you will help and support them during their stay in Halmstad and will continue having contact with them during the semester. You will be assigned a group consisting of 2-5 new students. When the semester ends you will be assigned 3 VG-points which you can use if you are looking to study abroad. Being a Buddy is also good for your CV because it means that you have networked with people from different cultures and probably has practiced your english skills. If you’re not interested in VG-points you can get a written certificate.

Who can become a Buddy?
Anyone who is a student at Halmstad University and will be staying in the town during the semester can become a Buddy.

Buddy guidelines
We completely understand that studying takes up a lot of time and that your time definitely is not unlimited. Therefor there are very few demands from the Student Union on you as buddies. A must is that you make contact, perhaps a chat group, with your buddies and ask them if they have any questions, problems or general concerns during their stay in Halmstad. Also, you should maintain this contact during the semester. The Student Union will also invite you to a initial information meeting for you to attend.

Once your buddies have arrived safely in Halmstad and the stress of the first few week has settled, it is completely up to you and your buddies how much contact you want to have. We think it’s a great idea if you would meet up, get to know each other better, perhaps learn about each other’s cultures and maybe meet other Buddy-groups.

The Buddy programme is created both for you and the international students to have a great time and learn from each other. But if you find anything difficult or have any questions along the way, you are more than welcome to contact the Coordinator for International Students at the Student Union.

Here you will find a Buddy guide book with some advice on how to be a good Buddy.

Activities to do with your buddies
The Student Union arranges all kinds of activities for their members and other students at the university. So, if you are lacking ideas on what to do with your buddies you are more than welcome to attend these events. There is, for example, something which is called “Just join in” which welcomes both international students and Swedish students who wants to have some fun and get to know Halmstad better. It is completely free to participate (unless you want to buy yourself an ice cream now and then).

Suggestions on what to do with your buddies:

– Visit the Student Unions pub Lilla Hjärtat
– Join the activites at “Just join in”, an initiative by the Student Union and the Student Healthcare centre
– Participate in other events that the Student Union arranges, have a look at our Facebook-page.

For more information about our activities visis our Facebook page “Halmstad Studentkår”. You will also find more ideas on what to do in the Buddy guide book.

What is the process to become a Buddy?
We will go through the applications once the registration period has ended and assign the Buddys between 2-5 students to mentor.

1. Fill in the form below with your contact information
2. You will get contact information to your buddies
3. You can contact them through e-mail or Facebook (or any other medium you find suitable)
4. By maintaining contact with your buddies they will get the chance to get in touch with you if they have questions. If there’s a need or interest you should also try to meet your buddies.

Register to become a Buddy here!

(The form is in swedish).

If you have more questions regarding the Buddy Programme please contact the Coordinator for international students at Halmstad Student Union:deniz.kruuse@karen.hh.se