Get involved

Do you want to arrange parties for other students? Then maybe Hjärter6 or Thorax is something for you. Are you interested in getting a good network with different organisations then Karriär might be the place for you. If you want to help international students to integrate in the swedish society or enrich your spare time you might want to join UFO. The Nollning is arranged by the organ with the same name so if you want to arrange next years Nollning its the perfect place for you to get involved.

Another good thing is that you by having these assignments will learn a lot about different industries which will benefit you in the future! A lot of different educations is offered by the Student Union depending on the focus of your engagement. You will also get VG-points which will make you a bigger competition if you want to study abroad. You can also get a certificate in case VG-point doesn’t interest you. Another important thing not to forget is that you will get a meaningful study time and most guaranteed some new friends and memories!

  • Student representatives

    The assignment means that you as a student representative sitting in a board along with teachers, administrative staff, etc. from college. You read documents (material items. Texts) for meetings, attending meetings, and sometimes carry out research or report anything afterwards. You also actively participating in monthly meetings with the university’s other student representatives organized in conjunction with the Student Support.
  • Karriär
    Karriär, or Career, is working to give students at Halmstad University a chance to get experience and contacts with businesses while they’re still studying. We do that by arranging workshops, inspirational lectures, mingle opportunities and by visiting local businesses. If you have any suggestions about a certain business you want to meet, please contact Emma Flodin.

    The Board consists of:
    Elin Jonsson – President
    Timmie Hansson – Vice President
    Yllka Hadri – Business Manager
    Daorsa Devce  – Marketing Manager
    Donjeta Neziri – Event and Expo Manager  
    Emma Stolpe – Event and Expo Manager
  • Thorax
    Thorax mission is to promote the so called “overall culture”. They do this by organizing parties and “Gröna Milen”. Their biggest commitment is organizing “Hjärtslaget”, which is a three-day long party in February where people from universities all over Sweden come to Halmstad to party and play. If you’re curious to know more there’s more information on Hjärtslaget’s webpage or our Facebook page Thorax.

    The board concists of:
    Stephanie Gellberg- Klinikchef (President)
    Jonatan Axelsson- Vice Klinikchef (Vice President)
    Ricardo Bergwall- Neurolog (Staff Manager)
    Frida Greve- Radiolog (IT Manager)
    Elin Wallerstedt- Pediatriker (Sponsorship Manager)
    Vacant – Patolog (Food and Drink Manager)
    Oskar de la Vaux – Narkosläkare (Dormitory Manager)
    Mathilda Carlström- Miss Thorax (Toastmaster)
    Hannah Carnefjord- Mr Thorax (Toastmaster)
  • Hjärter6

    The board consists of:
    Benjamin Lilje – President
    Alexandra Roberg – Vice President
    Johanna Leon – Pub Manager
    Linda Borgstedt – Purchase Manager
    Lizeth Alcocer – Event Manager
    Tuva Rönntoft – Kitchen Manager
    Joakim Johansson – Marketing Manager
    Ida Olsson – Staff Manager
    Oskar Nilsson – House Manager
  • UFO

    UFO stands for University Friendship Organization and the purpose of UFO is to help students of Halmstad University make new friends, socialize and experience what Halmstad and Sweden has to offer. UFO is run by students at Halmstad University that plan and organize activities, trips and other events non-profit for international as well as Swedish students. To name a few previous happenings, UFO has arranged trips to Lapland (north of Sweden), moose safari, Liseberg in Gothenburg, ice skating in Helsingborg, skiing at Vallåsen, barbecues and mini golf.

    To participate in UFO’s events and interest groups you do not need to be a member of the Student Union (Halmstad Studentkår), but if you are you will get a discount on participation fees and tickets. Please follow our Facebook page UFO Halmstad Studentkår, where you will find up-to-date information regarding events, activities and trips, and be able to connect with other students. You are welcome to contact us directly on our Facebook page.

    The UFO board consists of:
    August Olsson – President
    Elin Wallerstedt – Vice President
    Sweta Shankar – Event Manager
    Sofia Banjac – Event Manager
    Sheik Atiqul Alam Mishuk – Company Contact
    Vacant – Buddy Manager
    Adam Danielsson – Marketing Manager
    Vacant – Marketing Manager
    Vacant – UFO ambassador

    The Buddy Programme is a mentorship arranged by the University Friendship Organization and the Coordinator for international students at the Student Union. Membership in the Student Union is not required and all students, international as well as Swedish, are welcome to apply. Together with your Buddy you can plan activities in your free time, practice English, Swedish or other languages or just keep in touch in case you encounter problems and need some guidance. Or why not start a Buddy group with your new friends? Just fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as we have a match.

    Having a Buddy
    If you are new at the university or looking to meet new friends, you can apply to get a Buddy. It is up to you and your Buddy to decide what you want to do together. Perhaps you can go shopping, have a traditional Swedish “fika” (coffee and a snack), study, go to the gym together, bake, cook or visit new places. The Student Union and Halmstad University will also plan activities that you can join together. Having a buddy is a great way to make the most out of life as a student!

    Becoming Someone’s Buddy
    Being a Buddy is a lot of fun. You get to make friends for life, learn about different cultures and languages or maybe try a new hobby. It also means a lot of responsibility. To help you be the best Buddy you can be, we have written down what is and what is not expected of you as a Buddy in the contract you can find below. When you have fulfilled your contract and finished one term as a Buddy, you will receive a written certificate to show that you have dedicated your free time to helping someone out. Excellent for you and for your future work life!

    If you have questions about the Buddy programme, please contact the Coordinator for International Students.

  • Nollningen
    Halmstad Student Union organizes a hazing and introduction week for all the new students of the university. The Student union collaborate with the organ “nollningen” and the student health group to welcome all the students to the new student life, Student union and the University. Our main goal is for everyone to feel welcome through knowledge, community, challenge and joy. This is a goal that we always refer back to during our constant work with the preparasions for the hazing. We are very strict to let everyone know that our hazing is optional, you can participate as much as you like on your own terms.

    For more information and pictures from previous intoduction weeks please visit our website at www.nollning.nuIf you have any questions about the introduction week or our work, feel free to contact us through our email:

    The board consists of:
    Amanda Persson – Phältmarskalk (President)
    Jonathan Jaginder – Vice Phältmarskalk (Vice President)
    Johanna Sjögren Eliasson – Skriphtställare (Secretary)
    Fredd Jonasson – Nestor (Sponsorship Manager)
    Felicia Pålsson – Nestor (Sponsorship Manager)
    Sóley Thóra Magnúsdottir – SÄK-chef (Head of Security)
    Ida Klasson – SÄK-chef (Head of Security)
  • Since 2015, Halmstad Student Union has been cooperating with Eurekha and Mjölner to arrange the Career Day. It’s one of western Sweden’s largest career fairs which takes place at the beginning of the spring term each year. For more information please visit