The Nollning & Introduction week

Welcome to Halmstad University!

We would like to welcome you to 10 days filled with community, challenges and joy! Halmstad Student Union presents acitivites to all students starting their education in the fall 2019. It would be great if you would like to join and experience this together with us and all the other new students!

Halmstad Student Union offers membership for both a full year and for 6 months. To join the Nollning you need to be a member in the Student Union.

The Nollnings schedule differs depending on what program you belong to, but some activities are performed together with all new students. Here’s a rough sketch on how the Nollning looks!

22/8 Thursday
Take off for all programs, find your programs color, flag and meeting time at the Nollnings web site here.
• This day you’ll meet your classmates and remember, they’re just as nervous as you are. ;)

23/8 Friday
The Nollnings official inauguration at the Amfi-theathre!

24/8 Saturday
• Beach day! A lot of fun challenges and competitions at “Östra stranden”.

25/8 Sunday
• Amfi-theathre again

26/8 Monday
• Sjuk-kampen, an heptathlon at the sports centre.

27/8 Tuesday
• MANDATORY! Mandatory registration meeting for all new students.

28/8 Wednesday
• Every program has their different schedule. International students have mandatory registration meeting this day as well.

29/8 Thursday
• Amfi-theather again as well as Burning Balls in Linehed. A competition for all programs!

30/8 Friday
• Building day in the Picasso park. You build box cars and rafts to compete with.

31/8 Saturday
The Nollning is finished with a regatta, a raft race across the river. At the evening an amazing party is arranged in Tylösand.

You sign up to become a member at the reception of Halmstad Student Union or through the website. Don’t forget to register to the right semester HT19/VT20!

You are more than welcome to participate during these 10 fantastic days, we look forward to meeting you.

Some quick points
• The name “Nolla” or “Zero” comes from you being new students, meaning you don’t have any high school points yet.
• Of course you don’t have to join all activities, you can choose yourself wether you like to participate or not.
• The Nollning takes place before the start of the semester, so you won’t get issues with your school schedule.
• You’ll find the student pub Lilla Hjärtat at Nässjögatan 6.
• The Amfi-theathre is in Linehed

If you wan’t to get in touch with the Student Union concerning the Nollning E-mail us at: