New Student

Are you starting your education at Halmstad University? Here’s some useful information!

– Make sure you’ve been admitted to your education and if you have to accept the offer and paid the tuition fee to the university.
– Look for accomodation! Visit the tab Housing at our webpage for more information.
– Join the Nollning – read more about it under Nollning.
– Make sure to create a plan for your studies. Buy a calendar, either a digital or and old school one with a motivational front.

“Plan your work, and work your plan!”

Some practical information for international students

International students who plan to stay in Sweden for more than a year has to know some things related to your studies but also outside the workplace. When you’re new in Sweden you might need to navigate through some confusing bureaucracy.

Personal ID-number:
Anyone who plans to stay in Sweden for a year or more should apply to the Tax Agency (Skatteverket) for a personal ID number. When you have a personal ID number are entitled to subsidised health care, get a mobile sim card with swedish phone number, open a bank account and much more.

ID card:
Once you have received a personal ID number you can apply for an ID card at the Tax Agency (Skatteverket). With this card you can prove your age when you go to the pharmacy, at the bank or in shops.

Accomodation in Swedish cities are normally scarce. is the biggest online housing market in Sweden. However, due to the growing demand in housing scams are increasingly common and it is always important to be cautious when making online transactions. Do not transfer any money before signing a contract. All students, regardless of whether or not you are required to pay application and tuition fees, must be able to cover your personal living expenses while in Sweden, in order to get a residence permit.

In recent years Sweden has become more and more cashless. Today not every store accepts cash as a payment method. Therefor, it can be difficult to make a payment without a Swedish bank card or a Swedish mobile application (where the most common one is SWISH). Because of this it is important that you open a Swedish bank account as soon as you get here. In order to open a bank account you need have a ID card from The Tax Agency (Skatteverket), in addition to provide copies of your passport, residence VISA and employment contract.

The regulations regarding health insurance differ from how long you plan to stay and where you are from. If you are admitted to one year or less Halmstad University provides health insurance fur tuition paying students. If you are admitted to two years or more and have been granted a residence permit for a year or more, you will be able to register with the civil right registry and be entitled to the swedish health care system and pay patient fees. A-kassas are the unemployment insurance funds that normally provide unemployment compensation to their members that lose their jobs. To be able to get compensation you need to have paid a small fee for at least 12 months to the A-kassa.

Trade unions:
In Sweden the working conditions are regulated to a greater extent through collective agreements than by legislations. These agreements are negotiades by unions and employers. Therefor, approximately 70 % of all swedish employees are members of a union. Membership in a Union and membership in an unemployment insurance means that you are well insured.

If you need medical attention, but not in a medical emergency, you should first visit your local healthcare centre, (Vårdcentral). You need to registrate with a specific healthcare centre before you can use and visit it. If you only need medical advice you can call 1177 to speak with a nurse or go to the website All universities are required to have an occupational healthcare provider. Check with your workplace to know how you can access it. In Sweden it is important to report sick leave if you get sick.

Other swedish authorities:
The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).
The Tax Agency (Skatteverket).
The Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).
Emergencies and SOS: Dial 112 to contact the police.

At Halmstad Universities website you can find additional information.

Some dates to remember: (Write down in your calendar)

– July 11 – The admission letter should arrive.

– July 19 – Open house! Come over to the campus to see how it looks and ask some questions.

– July 26 – Last day to accept your offer (If it’s necessary for you to do that).

– August 22 – Nollningen! 10 days for you to get to know Halmstad, find your way around campus and get to know your classmates.

– August 27 and 28 – Mandatory registration meeting! 27th for Swedish students and 28th for international. This day is also in the schedule for the Nollning.

– August 31 – Last day of the Nollning which ends with a big party!

– September 2 – Start of the semester (This date varies depending on your program).

That was just the beginning.
Now the real work starts.

Some tips to plan your studies is to make up your own schedule in your calendar, some programs have a lot of “free” study time and few hours in the classroom.
Make sure you take time to read your course literature and do your assignments. Don’t start your day of by watching tv-series. Don’t claim the award until you have done the work. ;)

Student support has some really good lectures about smart studies in september, they even have a procrastination group for those who feel like they have a tendency to postpone work. – Check out and search for Student calendar.

Take it easy in the begninning.
It takes some time to adjust to everything thats new. You don’t have to attend every activity there is. Make sure your health is your first priority. Eat, sleep and rest.

It is important that you take your studies seriously. You are here to study. Everything else comes second.

Do you like to work out?
Make sure to get a gym card at Idrottscentrum!. As a member in the Student Union you have an advantageous discount there. They have a great gym! A big plus is that they also have very knowledgeable staff that can help you out with your training. Read more at

What is there to do in Halmstad?
There’s almost always something going on in Halmstad. Think about what your interests are and what you would like to do that you haven’t done before.
There’s something for everybody! Check out the municipality web page at and click your way to “See & Do”. If you want to learn more about Sweden, practice Swedish and discover Halmstad you can send in an application to the Buddy programme and hopefully you will be assigned a Buddy.

What does the Student Union do?
Anything to make your time here the best! Read more here!

Warm Welcome!