Here is a brief description of how the organization fits together. On the page “Get involved”, you can find more information on each individual part. You students are the foundation of our organization, without you we would not exist.

The Student Union is a member-organization, which means that it is the members who own the association and decide what and how we should do things. They do this through the Meeting of Members which is the organization’s highest governing body. The Meeting of Members decides, among other things, about the union’s economy, business plan and who will run the organization during the time between meetings. The Meeting of Members selects a business accountant whom reviews the business and reports back to the Meeting of Members, a nomination committee that prepares candidates for positions in the Student Union. They will also select the Student Union’s Board of Directors, which is the board that decides between member meetings and ensure that its members’ decisions are implemented.

The Student Union Board consists of the presidency who work full time, one member from each of the union’s bodies (Hjärter6, Karriär, Nollningen, Thorax and UFO) and up to five independent members. The bodies each have their own Board of Directors, which is elected by the Student Union members and organizes different types of student social events such as a job fair, parties and zeroing.

The presidium consist of three remunerated members:
– The President with responsibility over educational surveillance and the student representatives.
– Vice President with responsibility over study social activities.
– Vice President with responsibility over student politics.