Student Influence

Under Swedish law, students have the right to influence and co-determination in terms of their education.

Higher Education Act (1992: 1434) 2 Ch. The state universities organisation 7 § Students have the right to be represented when decisions or preparations are made that are relevant to education and the students’ situation. Act (2010: 701).

Halmstad Student Union appoints student representatives to the University of Halmstad all decision-making and preparatory bodies (committees, councils and boards).

The assignment means that you as a student representative sitting in a board along with teachers, administrative staff, etc. from college. You read documents (material items. Texts) for meetings, attending meetings, and sometimes carry out research or report anything afterwards. You also actively participating in monthly meetings with the university’s other student representatives organized in conjunction with the Student Support.
Here you have the opportunity to influence your education, learning and opportunities during studies. As a student representative will get 600 SEK in compensation for each meeting up to 5h then 100 SEK per hour, in addition to the opportunity to influence your education.

Where are the student representatives?



Board No of seats Name
Higher board 2 and the president of the Student Union Sandra Sandberg, Mårten Dalman and Jonas Råsberg
Resarch and education 3 and the president of the Student Union Sandra Sandberg, Hanne Göransson, Olof Poulsen and Alina Franck (doctoral)
Research scientists and the Education Committee 2 doctorals Jula Malmborg and Süleyman Savas
Academy council of information technologies 3 Sandra Eriksson, Mikael Beremark, Vincent Memethi
Academy council of for health and Welfare 3 Jessica Svensson. 2 vacancies.
Academy council of learning, art subjects and society 3 Alfred Gotemark, Mathilda Nilsson and Paula Svendsen.
Academy council of economy, technology and science 3 Emelie Leesment, Helen Chan, Ridhard Dykes.
Disciplinary committee 4 Sandra Sandberg and Patrik Nordlund. Alternate members: 2 vacancies.
Library council 2 Johanna Henriksdotter Olsen and Pernille Nielsen
Strategic reference for the IT department 2 2 vacancies.
Recruitment committee 1 Hanne Göransson.
Work Environment Committee 2 Mårten Dalman and Faisa Iddris.
Management council 1 by way of the Student Union’s president Sandra Sandberg
Rector’s decision meeting 1 by way of the Student Union’s president Sandra Sandberg
Quality Council 1 by way of the Student Union’s president Sandra Sandberg
Committe for equal terms 2 Annie Nilsson and Mathilda Nilsson.
Committee for sustainable development 2 Angelica Pantzar and Mio Geire

How do I apply?

Are you interested in finding out more or apply for any of the items send an email to with a copy to

Who are the student representatives?