Membership benefits

As a member of the Student Union, you automatically get a discount card from Mecenat and the Student booklet.

The Mecenat card gives you:

  • Travel Discount Card SJ, SAS, Malmö Aviation, Swebus, a number of transport companies, and others.
  • Qualifying for student discounts at thousands of companies across the country
  • User ID of the Patron of e-commerce and other web-based services

    Today they cooperate with hundreds of companies, including Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, HP, ICA, Dustin, Tele2, SAS, SJ, the Swedish Address, SF Bio, CDON.COM, Hertz, Nelly, Espresso House, Arlanda Express, Bokus, et al. Additionally, lots of local businesses nationwide discounts of up to 50 percent of their offering.

Mecenat are about to remove all the physical cards and replace them with only electronic cards that you find in their application to your smartphone. Before you can start to use your card you need to activate it. You find out how you do it here.

The Student booklet gives you:

A variation of more local discounts. The offers Student booklet works out is based on a demand and recommendations from existing or pre-graduate students.

As a member, you have the ability to influence.

Not only what we think towards the university and nationally, but also what we do during the year, which events and happenings we arrange.

The Student Union has a number of recurring events during the year that you as a member has access and at a more favorable price than other students.

  • The year starts with Sweden’s best hazing and it is only for members.
  • Julmys – Every year we see a Christmas calendar, pysslar and cuddles.
  • KAOSrep (IT Gathering) – First Saturday of the month the IT Committee meets and you can create your own project or help others whith their. They offer coffee and good company.
  • The Heartbeat – Is a student party where students from all over the country come to Halmstad to cure their winter illness with the help of good company and games. An unforgettable celebration in love signs.
  • Career Fair – a labor market day is carried out so that students and employers get an opportunity to network.
  • The Green Mile – For those who do not want to go to Lund during last of April, we have an event for you. The number bib is on, the warm up is over and then we walk a mil and drinking a soda every kilometer.

Other events that usually show up:

  • Visits to local enterprises
  • Overalls Order
  • Overalls Workshop
  • Pubs and gasques
  • Member Breakfast
  • Inspirational lectures

As a member you also have the opportunity to be part of creating something new, or implement events, it gives you friends for life and unique addons to your resume.