Student culture

What is student culture?

Student culture can be pretty much anything concerning students. From our perspective we don’t have any boundries on what gets to count as Student Culture. Some like to practice different kinds of sports, some like to get a beer at the local pub, and others like to do theatre or sing in a choir. And you know what? We have it here! Plus a lot more!

What is so great about student culture?

To be able to share similar interests with like-minded people and perhaps form groups with them. Does the requirements need to be big? Absolutely not. Can the rquirements be big? Yes! That’s whats great about student culture, it is what you want it to be!

There are basically no boundries if you want to run and create new interest groups. If you want to join an already established group that is easily solved. We have many different commitments that might suit you perfectly!

The student overall

If you ask old students what is meant by student culture they will answer the “overall” or the “ovve”… A dear child has many names.
In Halmstad the overall get to be used the most at four specific events during the year: The Nollning, Hjärtslaget, The Green Mile and of course the overall inauguration. But you can use the overall at any time!

What makes the overall so special is that it creates connections between students from the entire country. It is a garment that can be be worn in every weather and it is okay for it to be used and torn. With an overall the entire world is your playground.

In Halmstad every program has a specific color on their overall, which creates a connection between those who study together. Down below you can find a list with the different colors that exist at Halmstad University:

  • ASP – Jäävligt svart (Fucking black)
  • BYGG – Betonggrå (Concrete grey)
  • EKP – Svinrosa (Piggy pink)
  • HPP – Exklusivmidnattsblå (Exclusivemidnightblue)
  • IMP – Systembolagetgrön (The-place-where-you-buy-alcohol-green)
  • INFO – Jabba the hut-grön (Jabba the hut green)
  • LUT – Magiskt sköngröna (Gorgeous green)
  • MASKIN – Botbacksröd (Beerdefenderred)
  • OLAV/SOSH – Bag-in-box-röd (Bag-in-box-red)
  • SJUK – SJUKT blåblå (Sick blueblue)
  • SOK – Guantanamoorange (Guantanamo orange)
  • TBI – Bländande beige (Bedazzling beige)
  • U – U-gul (U-yellow)
  • X-change – SupernovaexplosionsVit (SupernovaexplosionWhite)
  • ÖDET – 0111kt gul (0111kt yellow)