Educational surveillance

What does education surveillance mean?

Halmstad Student Union’s main task is to monitor all educational programs at Halmstad University. Education Surveillance means mainly working for the development of education at the university for the better for all university students and graduate students.

As an individual, a student’s course evaluation is the strongest tool to affect her studies. It also contributes to a backing the Student Union and student representatives can use when lobbying against the college.

How is the Student Union working with educational affairs?

Halmstad Student Union work both nationally and locally with educational affairs.

Through the umbrella organization The Swedish National Union of Students (SFS), Halmstad Student Union can work in a forward-looking way and push issues, such as that all teachers must have pedagogical training. Another issue is that all teachers should be rewarded for their educational work. Locally, the Student Union work directly to the University with its chairman as a student representative in:

  • Management Council.
  • The President’s decision meetings.
  • Research and Education Board
  • Quality Council

The Student Union is also working with educational affairs through the student representatives. For example in:

  • the Recruitment Committee.
  • the Academy line.
  • the Working Committee.