Nominations committee

The nominations committee does three things at the University

1. The Presidium election
The presidium is made out of the President and the two vice-presidents of the student union. They are in charge, and they handle the running of everyday things at the student union.

2. Union board elections
The board of the union is comprised of 13 people that works for the union to be able to handle it responsibilities.

3. Election to the student representatives.
The student representatives are students that handles the communication between the school and the students by going to meetings with the different academes and the councils that the school have.

The nominations committee is responsibly to handle the elections. That means that as the nominations committee:

  • Handles the communication that the election is coming so that people who are interested can apply to the different roles.
  • That the applicants have an interview so that they get an insight to who the applicant is, if they have the right qualities for the role, and if they think that the applicant fits the role.
  • Makes nominations, so that the members of the union can see why the committee thinks that this is the right person for the role.
  • Makes sure that the election is done right, i.e. makes and manage the ballot box, and makes sure that the election is done correctly.